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Annual ‘Ride and Stride’ Day - Saturday, 9th September, 2017.

                                                    We at the HCCPT would like to thank all the Cheshire churches who participated in this year’s Ride and Stride, either by opening your church or by sponsoring and providing ‘riders and striders’. The work of the Trust, to provide funds for churches struggling to meet repair and restoration costs, would not be possible without your support and we would like you to know how greatly appreciated that is. We know that some churches have had a large number of visitors on the day, in spite of the heavy showers across the county, but against that there were others who had none. To them we say a special ‘Thank You’ as you still took part and although you may have been the only one in a Deanery, making it impossible for the ‘ride and striders’ to add you to a circuit, at least you were included in the publicity. When allocating grants, priority is always given to those who have supported the event and a grant from the HCCPT can often unlock a further, more substantial grant, from the National Historic Church Trust. You will soon be collecting your sponsorship money, and, when you are ready, please ensure this is sent to Mike Caputo at McLintocks, 2 Hilliards Court, Chester Business Park, Chester, CH4 9PX. Only half the money collected should be sent, the other half retained by your church. Thank you once more


                                                     Kindest Regards,


                                          John Headon,      Ride and Stride co-ordinator.

The following documents are available for you to download: 


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