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Recent Grants made by the Trust

St Cross Church, Knutsford.  - Grant awarded £500 for repairs to Main Door Steps and handrail

St Mark's Church, Dunham Massey - Grant awarded £1000 for Porch restoration

Holy Trinity Stalybridge - Grant awarded £2000 for roof repairs

St George'e Church, Hyde - Grant awarded £1200 for repairs to window masonry

St James & Emmanuel, New Brighton - Grant awarded £1000 for repairs to tower masonry

St John the Evangelist, Manley - Grant awarded £300 for repairs to windows.

Annual ‘Ride and Stride’ Day - Saturday, 8th September, 2018.


The annual "Ride and Stride" is an essential part of our fund-raising, and all the documents needed for your and your church's participation may be downloaded from the following links.

Thank you for taking part!

                                          John Headon,      Ride and Stride co-ordinator.

The following documents are available for you to download: 


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